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Strong Health

Strong Health

Vendor: Dharmeshbhai Korat
Market Price: INR 5250
Offer Price:INR 3500
EU Points: 1750
Shipping Charge: 0
Size: Package of 3 Botttles + 1 Bottle FREE
Delivery: 7-15 Working Days

Category: Special Segment

 THL STRONG Health offering a package of 3 bottles on this diwali festive season. THL STRONG Health with its combination of Spirulina, Moringa, Ginger & Turmeric, is and excellent Antioxidant, Nutri Booster, Immunity Booster, provides good nourishment & nutrients to Body.

STRONGHealth is made from pure herbs Dehydrated by state of art nutrition preserving technology, produced under international GMP regulations.

This product is not a medicine & not intend to treat, cure or prevent any disease.