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Vendor: Dharmeshbhai Korat
Market Price: INR 5250
Offer Price:INR 3500
EU Points: 1750
Shipping Charge: 0
Size: Pack of 3 Bottles (3 month Supply)
Delivery: 7-15 Working Days

Category: Special Segment

THL ShaktiMAN is a unique combination that stimulates micro circulation, mind relaxation and enhances performance.

All the ingredients are made from pure herbs Dehydrated by state of art nutrition preserving technology, produced under international GMP regulations.

NOTE: This product is not a medicine & not intend to treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Ingredients :

Ashwagandha, White Musli, Pellitory, Satawari, Cauicha Pueraria Tuberosa Shilajit Gokhru Spice Nutmeg Cinnamon.

Recommended Use : Take 2 Capsules daily at Night for general health & wellness.

Package Details : Pack of 3 Bottles of 60 capsules each. It is a 3 month Supply.

Package MRP :  Rs 5250/- (Rs 1750/- for each Bottle..

Offer Price :  Rs 3500/-

Special Festive Offer : BUY 1 Package & GET 1 Bottle of Super Immunity FREE